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The concept of love and intimacy is so incredibly beautiful that once you understand the concept fully, once you realize your brain can create the feelings associated with romantic love, you're hooked on it for life.For those who are driven and keep very busy, it's difficult to schedule in a good romping.It's allowing someone else to see us for who we really are, not just for who we let on to be.

What's better, yet, is that we know we can't be intimate with most of the people we date.

It's also great to have a single person to have sex with regularly; I get that, too.

They made it to the finale and finished in third place.

My wish for you guys is a home filled with love, peace and joy.

But if you ask me, dating, more often than not, is outweighed by the negatives, which, in a nutshell, boil down to the fact that what most of us believe to be dating is simply a waste of timeā€¦