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Hidden gems around Ramsgate in Kent on the South Coast of England.

From the fascinating history of the WW2 Tunnels, to the very best fish n' chips in town - this is everything you need to see, do, and eat in Ramsgate! Finally, the snowdrops are blooming, it's not pitch black when we leave the office and we can start to plan our next holiday.

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Please sign up to receive email updates for this region or contact our local manager Ruth and James Feltham on 07812 165081 or [email protected] Try uk Adisham, Canterbury, Kent An Ancient Semi-Natural Woodland with private access off a quiet country lane, Clerk Wood comprises chestnut coppice, mixed broadleaves, mature oak and beech and red cedar.

See full details Adisham, Kent An Ancient Semi-Natural Woodland, Cook Wood is very manageable mixed broadleaf wood with mainly sweet chestnut coppice, some mature oaks, field maple, beech, hazel, birch, sycamore and a small area of red cedar.

See full details Adisham, Kent A very private level ancient wood including an area of mature sweet chestnut coppice and an area of mixed broadleaf regeneration and brimming with wildflowers and butterflies.