bluebird speed dating - 5 new attitudes of dating

She may not even be your girlfriend yet but she knows how to play on your desires to get her and she will use all of this to her advantage.When a woman genuinely embraces having a relationship she is willing for an emotional attachment to occur.So here are some signs to consider when trying to avoid falling victim to a female player: Plenty of women have a lot of male friends simply because they feel men are easier to deal with. The problem is when you notice these various “friends” always doing things for this woman.

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5 new attitudes of dating

Essentially some may view her as “like a guy” when it comes to her approach to relationships and sex.

When a woman is a female player she is not with you for your benefit.

It’s even harder for those trying to avoid getting pimped.

As much attention as men get for the games many play we forget something that’s very true.

You may express your concern but she will simply shoot it down and make you seem like you are being unreasonable.