Advice for dating older men

Not just for women, your work and future social connections greatly depend on the way you express yourself on a day to day basis, so you need to get into the habit of taking care of these details and “advertise” yourself correctly.

Women want ATTENTION, not just one kind of attention, they want to feel many kinds of attention.

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It is not just that you were younger, probably looked better, and had way more energy and time on your hands, the main reason why it was easier to get laid in college was because you were exposed to women a lot more and it so happens that those women didn’t give that much thought about whom they’d sleep with, they just wanted to have fun.

As women get older, they start to look for men to settle down with, which make them a lot pickier about randomly hooking up with guys than they were before.

Don’t go back home thinking about how it could’ve been or because when you meet the girl, all of your secrets will be spilled and that’s going to be a big turn down.

Choose a photograph of you that shows you from the best side and write a not-too-big/not-too-small description about what you like in life and some key denominators such as Height, Weight and job role. Once that’s done you should search for your woman/women of choice.

And also, just like you, they will have less time and energy to be socially active like they used to be.

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