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Anyone have pics of these two in their modeling days, BTW?Hopefully the teams will be aware of an impending non-elimination round. Still having trouble rooting for someone, but Millie seems to lead the pack. I'd still lean towards one of the 2 male teams winning. Is there any way of knowing prior to the end that it is a "non-elimination" leg? The viewers get to know the last 5 or so teams a lot better.

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* An awkward, desperate race to the Pit Stop finds two Teams opting for bizarre forms of transportation, when every move could be their undoing and any turn can and will lead to either victory or defeat! I noted that when the "dating 12 years, virgins" went onto the crowded train...

Here, we are calling David & Jeff "Team Stealth" since they hardly get any screen time and we keep forgetting they are also in the race. that when they got off, the text should read "dating 12 years, no longer virgins." Kelly and Jon are insecure jerks, especially Kelly. After this past leg, the blondes are seeming to be in it again.

I really hope they don't make it to the end, but I have a feeling they will. They sort of surprised me how well they worked together on screen the last leg. Team Implants have a shot of positivity which should help them.

I'm not pulling for the virgins, but they haven't done anything vindictive to deserve the rassing that they get from K & J. I'm also not sure how R & C got the nickname chipendales... interesting leg 6 show and looking forward to leg 7. I started out really liking Kelly and Jon, but she's really grated on me over the last few episodes. Speaking of Millie, I love the brief exchange she had with Chuck as they were getting on the train in India. What a stark contrast in teammates--she plowed right in yelling for Chuck to follow and he just stood there. This last episode was the first time I wasn't annoyed by either of them.

The show wil, at least for the premiere, occupy the time slot that normally belongs to Survivor and, during the summer, has previously belonged to Big Brother.