Are jasmine villegas and jinsu dating

The pop star said opening up allowed her to move on from that chapter in her life. I mean you don't have to go through the struggle before you get to all the good stuff.

Kendall's sister Kylie, 16, also posted the picture.

Young, who was previously linked to Justin Bieber's ex Jasmine Villegas, is said to have started "falling hard" for Kendall this past summer. "He kind of reminds you of Chris Brown, but way more charming and really talented.

Through the song, the singer hopes to let others in the same situation that they are not alone. I was lying to them and I just kindda felt hopeless, worthless. I was running out of excuses for my bruises on my body and cuts," she said.

Villegas said she has no plans to reveal the identity of the person who abused her. I hid it for a year and two months until it was over and when it was my last final goodbye to him that's when I told my parents about it. Her other ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, expressed his support for Villegas.

"He did hear about the situation and he was kinda like 'I'm sorry that happened to you.