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That is why, when we are single, we spend our time searching incessantly for that life partner, something that can generate disappointment, negativity and even despair.

However, at present, it has been decided to choose to enjoy the benefits that the internet and technology can offer, such as, for example, pages of places to meet or meet Ecuador.

Of course, the girls are not as easy as in Peru and not as flawless as in Colombia. If you’re looking for a kinky slut, you’ll get disappointed.

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However, you can (I’ll show you how) who want to meet and date you. Yes, you will see their true beauty, but only if you’re like me.

And no, they are not as sexy as the girls in Colombia. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t meet stunning girls.

It seems to me that one guy had a terrible experience and boom…everyone and their grandmother jumped on the bandwagon. Dating Ecuadorian women can be an incredible experience. They whistle, they smile, they smile more, and they cry when they get rejected over and over again. I mean, she doesn’t give a damn about the fact that you’re white.

You’re not the only one who read about the ugly, stuck up, and spoiled Ecuadorian princess. Dating Amerindian girls makes me feel like Christopher Columbus. Anyway, here’s the truth about the genes of the women you’ll meet: No, don’t date a tribal girl! She knows how to use a phone, a laptop and toilet paper (sorry for that image). Some of the most beautiful women in the country have white skin. The local guys constantly remind them of their beauty. Let’s face the truth: It’s really hard to seduce a Caucasian Ecuadorian woman.

But you won’t value this experience if you compare apples and oranges.