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She was a founding member of the Canadian Automotive Partnership Council and served on the Ontario Task Force on Productivity, Competitiveness and Economic Progress.

She is a director of the Yves Landry Foundation, which furthers technological education and skills training in the manufacturing sector.

While bedazzling Mac Kay and armed with the confidence of a Stephen Harper in policy wonk-mode, Belinda was working backroom ambitions with the Liberals.

Devil's ditty introduces Belinda Canada Free Press founding editor Most recent by Judi Mc Leod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years experience in the print media.

Her work has appeared on, Drudge Report,, Glenn Beck.

The National Post identified her in 2001 as the most strong businesswoman in Canada.

At that time the core company and its major subsidiaries were worth approximately $10.5 billion, employed some 62,000 people, and had offices and factories in 18 countries.

Despite media reports stating Mac Kay was, “tall, athletic, young, blond …