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The trend toward single-cam shows is also a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy in that there are fewer mentors in the multi-cam universe.

Some of the best multi-cam creators, like Steve Levitan, have moved over to the single-cam side.

One theory that I have had about network television over the past decade or so is this notion of “cable envy” on the part of many network executives.

I think that’s why multi-cam pilots feel off-putting today.

They also require more over-the-top acting, whereas singlec-ams, with the exception of some of the ABC family comedies, can have somewhat more authentic characters.

There were “warmedies,” which were meant to make you smile rather than laugh out loud, and “sadedies” which were sort of depressing with a dark humor.

Finally, there were “comamas,” which were comedies with dramatic elements.

I got this question from GM in the Masked Mailbox: “If the No.