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We dream of futures where we have all the answers; or that we are the World’s Greatest Coder (I’m still waiting for my medal! We remember easier times, or harder times, or any time that isn’t right now.

While the desire for improvement that this creates can be beneficial when it comes to providing momentum to improve our lives, when we’re caught up in this type of future or past oriented thinking, we’re missing out on all the goodness of the life that we’re living right now.

Which means we’re missing out on that most important moment – right now.

For most of us, there are AMAZING aspects of our current situations that we’re missing out on by just not paying attention, or by giving these not-now thoughts way too much value!

The main method of mind training I explain in this guide is commonly referred to as “meditation”, although you might find it helpful to think of it as “attention regulation training” – that’s basically what it is.

The capacity to focus your attention is, I’m sure you’ll agree, crucial to outputting quality code, so it’s in your interest to train it. If you’ve been working with code for any length of time, you might have encountered any of these.

The short version is – while a little stress isn’t harmful and can even be beneficial, chronic, long-term stress is a productivity killer and really not good for your long-term health, or how you feel about the world in general.