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He was one of the original starters for One Stop Shopping.

Ahead of his time, Kroger was the first merchant to offer self-service.

I don’t understand why the company is just ignoring the email on me/Beverly Slater having this roach leg in food I purchased I don’t know what it is going to take to get my message across but I pan to continue with issue getting across to someone. He had previous years of experience as a pharmacy manager for Smiths, Raley’s, and Albertsons.

I have pictures of piece of leg which i sent to Pacific Coast Producers/Pamela Mee and I still have piece that broke off. His style of management is to create a strong team, encourage people to perform at their best and care for the customers, not by acting like artificial intelligence, but listening to them.

Knox, Shelby Riley, Rodney Mc Mullen(CEO) on the issue no one got back to me until I was informed to send the roach leg to Pacific Coast Producers to view leg broke while putting into container to send so I still have other part Pamela Mee call me and said it was piece of product I did inform her at that time they need to get another viewer because it is a piece of roach leg. the manager said I will count the money and call you tomorrow and let you know. For some reason Decker hired my husband for the job of Pharmacy Manager.