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Taliaferro wiy delight- fully entertained on yesterday with a six o'clock dinner party.

Friday, July 19, 1912 THE DAILY AROMOREITE 11 r Freckled Girls It is an absolute fact, thut one 50 cent j .r. There's no longer the slightest in ed of feeling ashamed of your froekles, as a new drug, othine double strength has been discovered that positively removes thene homely spots.

f WILSON' S KKKCKLE CKfc' AM il cither reri Kiveyourficci.lc3i i'cin to f;id'- ari'l that two jar3 will even , in the most severe cases completely, i lire thom. Simply get one ounce of olhine-double strength, from any fust class druggist in Ardmore and apply a lit'tlo of It at night, and In the mo.ti-In:; you will see that even the worst ! eq have begun to disappear, while the lighter ones have vanished entirely.

Attorney Taylor today rendered an opinion regarding the rights of all election officers enforcing the grandfather clause in the coining primary election in pint as follows: "That the application of the grandfather ciaus,; raises a federal question the decision on which ly federal court is to he preferred over a state court ami that the election officers must act in good faith; that the election officers cannot act In good fallh unless they a "I according to decision of the federal court." In cciclii Elon I" his opinion i" Taylor tays Bim:e the federal court Iuih passed upon this question holding the same to ba in conflict wlt'i tn constitution and laws of The l'nlld States he Is of the opinion that no registration or .dcitiot, officers can claim that ti-ey a't ,n .:o.d faith enforcing the grandfather lai, K- nudi' St negroes it.i Hialy to mill in ili:e -t'u-Iracei'iiou of ihe de, isi in of l',i' I' d-eial cor.r'. Several inqiries regarding the locating of a canning factory were I mane neiore uie couinien un uismn- ion was launcneil, nut ineie wa- no one to lake the lead and investigate the propositions submitted. We therefore quote from the letters of two jrirls who suffered and were restored to health. Pinkham's Vegetable n vy' Compound has done for me." -Mrs.

It is to lie hoped that this item will be thoroughly discussed by the Chamber of Commerce and that such a factory w ill lie established here before another season. There is nothing that teaches more than experience. If any woman would like to write to roe I will gladly answer her letter and tell her what Lvdia E.

The limb was not over tli.' -i feel in length at the outside, but va-literally covered with fruit. Tin-fruit was of the Indian variety and very luscious and the yield from t. A canning factory would result in a his saving lo the funnels. Two years ago the company withdrew from the i Southwestern Mine Operators' Aa-' sociation and the miners, claiming this abrogated their contract, went' on a strike and. I SOME WORKING GIRLS LOSE TOO MUCH TIME Two Girls Tell How To Avoid It. Tishomingo, Okla.-" I am a stenographer and book-keeper, and Lydia E. I am enjoying the best of health now, but I was suffering from- female troubles and painful periods, and would have backache, headache and fainting spells.