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Age: 31From: Jackson Hole, WYLives in: Scottsdale, AZWorks at: Salty Sow Would you ever date another chef? It would be great to date someone with the same schedule I have.

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The television casting call is searching for fun and innovated high school bakers.

They are looking for boys and girls who are high school students but over 15 years old.

Bonus when girls call me chef outside of work."Age: 31From/lives in: Houston, TXWorks at: Oxheart Restaurant Sweetest thing you've cooked up for a woman?

"A perfect toad in a hole—you have to toast the bread just right and still get the egg cooked all the way through.

"When I was six years old, I used to go to my father's diner and cook with him and the chefs. Vanilla-flavored cake with some lemon frosting is always a hit."What's one thing you've learned about dating? There are people who constantly need to be engaged in conversation and people who cannot really carry one.