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A firepit outdoors is available for the summer days whereas an indoor fireplace will warm you up during the colder months.

Bring the whole family to enjoy their classic beach menu — dogs included with a special doggie menu just for them!

The 25 Best Beach Bars in America A local favorite since the 1970s, The Rusty Nail is a surfer bar and restaurant located at the Beach Shack, a wonderful Cape May hotel.

Not incorporating the cheese into the beef can also be seen as a cardinal sin, but — once again — the proof is in the pudding, and the end result is one spectacular cheesesteak.

America’s Best Cheesesteaks This upscale Chinese restaurant is ornately decorated and a great place for a night out, and has been pulling in the crowds since it was first opened by the Hsiung family in 1986.

Walk up to the tiny counter, place your order with the grillman, and watch as he smashes a small wad of meat onto the flattop with a handful of thin-sliced onions, keeps careful track of it as it cooks, and sandwiches it into a Martin’s potato roll.

Make it a double with cheese, and the burger that will end up on your plate next to some pickle chips won’t be pretty, but it’s astonishingly delicious.

Like Rodney Dangerfield, New York City’s neighbor to the west doesn’t get much in the way of respect.