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The major, Chase’s father is unwilling to change, even at the expense of the dwindling pack numbers. This was an interesting look into a unique shifter community. How sometimes you have to do what you think is right, not what you’ve been told is so.

The author pulled me into her world, introducing me to some loveable, and some not so loveable characters.

This consultation will enable us to understand what has worked in our prior life and what are your expectations for an ideal match.

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With a fluid and entertaining style she kept me entertained and curious to see what happened next.

But chemistry is something else entirely, and Kelli did the one thing she never thought she could do—move to the city to escape it. It was the only way she could see for Chase to follow his shifter destiny.

Complete professionalism from the initial contact and immediate attention to any concerns, thoughts, or questions.

Your wellness and lifestyle management coaching will stay with me forever.

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