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Make sure to follow all the safety rules at the pool and follow the instructions for handling all pool chemicals.

Ticks are experts at feeding on your blood and, in return for your generosity, transmitting disease to you.

Eating them puts you at risk for potential toxicity from solanine and chaconine, two natural toxins found in green or sprouted potatoes.

Indapamide is a medication for high blood pressure that appears to be better than many other drugs at controlling high blood pressure while lowering the risk of heart failure.

However, a well-documented toxicity from handling tulips is known as "tulip fingers." "Natural" does not always mean "safe." Like all medicines, herbal products and supplements are expected to have some side effects, and ginseng is no exception.

Some side effects are related to the natural toxicity of the plants they come from or from problems in manufacturing.

There are several different kinds of bacterial, viral, and parasitic diseases transmitted by ticks, and tick-borne diseases are on the rise.