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I smiled and she stuck out her finger and motion for me to follow her to the back. I sat down and leaned back into the sink and she started to shampoo my head. I tried not to look at her boobs but her cleavage was inches from my face and I was starting to get major erection in my pants.

She did not wear make up and had on no perfume but she had a natural beauty that could be seen if you took the time to look.

I just bought a new house in the city and have nothing to do in my free time since I just became very rich." She laughed and said "I wish I had that luck, it must be nice not to have to work any more." I laughed and said "I really like the haircut I feel 100% better than when I woke up this morning." She sighed and said "my husband wanted to know if you had any ideas that would allow me to stay home and work." I said "do you own a computer, have the Internet and a good phone." "Yes" Mica said, "my husbands the only one that can use the computer in his house but maybe you can help him." I said, "you can start a web site or answer phones for a company or baby sit kids like a daycare to earn money from home.

"That sounds hard, I was hoping for something easier and I hate watching other kids especially since we don't have any." Just then I heard the phone hang up and foot steps and a voice in the back ground.

"My husband wants you to get to the point," Mica said.

I paused and said "you are a very attractive women and I would love to take you out to dinner so we can discuss the possibilities." She said "no," "I can't cheat on my husband.

She had tan 2 inch platform heels that were faded and they must have been new or she started to wear them because she wobbled and looked unsteady when she walked.