Japan sex - Cringe dating disasters

While my friends went on date after date, I was picky and it took me a few months to even arrange a first date with someone.I had just binge watched classic Catfish episodes and lord knows I didn’t want to be dating someone who was not who they said they were.

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But don’t sit too comfortably yet, not only did he criticize my choice of drink ‘ciders for pussies’ but he also told me that his nickname was ‘monster’ because he had a huge ‘dick’ and that I should be grateful for an opportunity to date him seeing as he was ‘so in demand’.

Ladies let me tell you something, if a guy is boasting about the size of his dick then he either has a small wiener or thinks that his best chat up line is to think with his dick the entire time.

But first grab yourself some strong gin and settle down for a drinking game I like to call ‘my worst first date’.

Every time I mention ‘worst first date’ give yourself a well-deserved drink, because trust me, you are going to need it!

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