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Pingel stated that she has been in contact with KLM regarding the matter and will continue to be.

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The board tabled the motion to allow time for a pre- annexation agreement to be drafted. Glick claimed that if annexed, a total of 193 houses could be built on the land. A number of residents objected to Glick's propos- al. SCHROEOER Founder-1 904-1 986 Publisher NEAL TUCKER Optntent Uahagar ROBERT 1. SHERMAN UNDA SHIPMAN Genrt JSale* Manager Artorishyg Marketing Manager Putfc Rotations Manager JO DAVIS Accounting Manager CRYSTAL REED Classified Manager ROBERT WARDE Managing Edict Digging in Jill Tortorella of Antioch shows how she makes a pot on a potter's wheel during a pottery class at Antioch Community High '"School April 17. Sunday Worship & 10 45am; Sunday School (3 and up) and Bible Study 9.30am Christian Preschool. At First National Bank-Employee Owned we give you access to your funds the day we receive them— that means you could have your money a day or two before your actual pay day!

Many residents expressed surprise at the large turnout "I love this neighborhood," said Debbie Prather.

"Everyone's very involved and comes together." : The tree is located between two empty lots on Ridgewood St that are for sale by KLM builders.

45, while the Pederson property is located east of the archdiocese land.