dating cam sites online - Dating an armenian guy

You may read tons of advices how to behave on the date with the girl but they might never help you if you do not feel mutual gravity, let’s call it this way.

This is some special sort of feelings that you cannot control and this attraction either exists or does not exist, and no matter what whether this concerns Armenian girl or the girl of some other nationality.

If you are man of this kind, you probably have to look up for some other kind of girl.

But anyways, don’t be upset if the date went wrong as it would be another experience you are going to use in the future.

You have to behave as real confident man, do not be silent, to ask some questions, and to listen, you have to be active in conversation but not overactive, take part in the conversation, but do not talk too much as it is not what real man do in conception of real man by Armenian girl; and not only, all the women don’t like when guy talks too much, as man should be judged for his actions, but not by his words.