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From games to homework to other obligations, they’re going to be busy. You may not be able to go on dates all the time, but go ahead and see them when you can. Even better: wear their number on a shirt or painted somewhere on your body. Playing sports for years has made them determined, mentally strong, a perfectionist, and a hard worker. The best part is, the basketball wasn't even my idea.

While taking pictures with the Trot fam before my medical school graduation 🎓Mama T said, "Alana, do you have your basketball?

You’ll hear people in the stands talking about how hot #38 is.

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Dating a college athlete is a little bit different than dating just any other college student.

They’ve got obligations and priorities that can be hard for non-athletes to understand or appreciate.

Whether that third wheel is football, baseball, golf or track, each sport has proven to cause some strains in relationships between college students.

However, they have also offered some rewarding experiences that have made the struggle worth it.

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