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And that’s *annually*, so more like $1T/10 At least one brave man out here.

Where are the rest of y’all that lay up with, date, and sometimes pay trans women to come spend time with you?

Just four days ago, the Venezuelan actress hinted that the rumors are possibly true when she shared a photo with a group of friends and the actor hugging her tight. In addition to their remarkable career in telenovelas, both Bethke and Espinno have also starred in film. Unlike Espino and Canela, who had a 10-year age difference (with the former being older), Espino, 38, is only two years older than 36-year-old Bethke.4) They are both single parents.

"Thank you for moments that fill the heart," she captioned the image. Espino has 15 telenovelas in her trajectory, while Bethke has 18 up his sleeves. Espino is a mother of two: Oriana Lander, seven, and Nickolas Canela, four.

Their channel has earned over 8 million subscribers.