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" Lyz, 30, says, “I had fun hanging out with you, but I'm not feeling long-term compatibility.”We feel good about ourselves.We pat ourselves on the back for doing the kind, mature thing. Sometimes, they’re gracious, but there’s also been the curt “K,” the insults (“You aren’t that hot, anyway.”), and worse.Their instincts match those of Aziz’s audience: in abstract terms, we want a more upfront attitude.) But I got to wondering if we’ve got a Gift of the Magi issue going on, in the straight world, anyway: Women crave direct terminology (perhaps because we analyze things and need them to be put to bed), while men prefer the unbruised ego and we’re all running around treating one another the way we’d like to be treated — and pissing each other off in the process.

women and more people looking to get laid — or just date casually — vs. Think about it: “If guys in the dating scene aren’t looking for something serious, it might be easier or preferable to just have women come and go, like, ‘Okay, she didn’t call me back, moving on,’” Davila says.

“Whereas someone in relationship mode might be thinking, That could drive how they’d prefer to be broken up with.” And it could explain the heartwarming responses my male friends, gay and straight, provided on Facebook: They are, for the most part, sweet, emotionally intelligent dudes who are in or seeking relationships.

Sure, you might have your tried and true, go-to make-out movies, but if you’re tired of watching for the 100th time, you need to change it up. The staff here at Collider put in some hard hours researching the best movies that the streaming giant had available for your next Netflix and Chill session, so you’re welcome.

But until Netflix creates a “Netflix and Chill” category–a real one, this time–you might find yourself struggling to come up with new movie suggestions to keep things fresh.

“When I've been honest, I most often get an aggressively angry response and/or the guy won't let it go and/or I get called names,” like the C-word, says Lauren, 29.