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This is usually after a certain amount of trust is built up because for many people it is still a difficult thing to remember.

It is definitely not a good idea to talk about politics during a first encounter either as there is still a lot of polarization along Frelimo and Renamo lines.

It is important to be well washed and to wear washed and ironed clothes. While everyone is expected to arrive at work on time, people do arrive late to meetings.

Mozambicans generally are also absent from work more than Canadians, usually because of higher rates of illness and because of family responsibilities.

Men usually do not kiss men but they will kiss women and women will kiss each other as well. At a first meeting, your host or a colleague might introduce you to someone and say your name and their name or they might say their name. At a first meeting you would not ask someone about how they lived during the war years or if they lost any family members.