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However, with plenty of things to do in Brasov Romania, it’s best to begin here.

This is the heart of Brasov’s medieval historic center.

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It earned the name after a fire in 1689 burned the church and the walls darkened from smoke.

The church’s interior is not as striking as other Cathedrals in Europe, but the gothic architecture combined with the collection of Anatolian Carpets adorning the walls reflects the geography and history of medieval Brasov positioned at a cultural crossroads.

The streets are lined with lively cafes, busy shops, and sweet-smelling carts selling delicious kurtoskalacs (see below). The best time for photos is the morning, as the small crowded streets are filled well into the night.

I’d passed this building several times and never noticed this whimsical detail on the balcony.

Location: Bucharest Date: June/July 2019 Website: Photo source: Sighisoara Medieval Festival is an annual festival held in the last weekend of July, celebrating old times by traveling through it.