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In that case it was easier to accept his abilities, like his knack for always being able to find someone who was hiding, because he was a supernatural being. I didn’t like the Token Black Guy or the Token Asian Guy.

Another reviewer complained that most of the kids were so unlikable, that you ended up rooting for them to be killed, which made Jason the “hero,” of the film. OF COURSE we watch these movies because we want to see Jason kill everyone! And I like gratuitous female nudity as much as the next man, but I thought the topless water-skiing was unnecessary.

At the least in the 2 sex scenes the boobies made sense (especially loved the boobies in the 2nd scene).

It’s also interesting to note how the changing technology & times affects some of the standard horror-film conventions. Well, just by coincidence, for some reason no one’s cellphone can get a signal out in the woods.

The always incredible Angela Basset stands out for her portrayal of B. If you’re a hip-hop fan I’d recommend seeing this film. Yes, homosexuals are much more visible & accepted in society now, but an anti-gay marriage proposition passed (barely, but still passed) in California a few months ago, just like similar bills have passed in other States.