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He just kept staring into space and saying nonsense like, “We have some time to kill, blahblah mumblemumble.” So I just sat there like, “You’re weird.

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We headed over to a spot after just to get a small bite but that small bite turned into 2 hours of non-stop chatting over .

It was one of those conversations you just never wanted to end; we were connecting or on the same page in our views, outlooks, experiences, opinions, everything at every point in the conversation. I started getting on Tyler about proposing August of 2017.

So I took a gamble and left my job at the Dodgers to chase my dream job full-time. My initial take on him: obnoxious and very white (I hadn’t dated anyone blonde yet; the whitest I got (and I like me some white boys) was brunette).

Although it’s not paying the full-time bucks, it incredible being my own boss and being able to work from home (in my pajamas.. I literally paid no mind to him the rest of the evening, week, and month.

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