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Literature was also trawled for data presentation and method of inquiry.In literature, a sugar daddy (respectively a sugar mummy) is the name given to elder men (respectively elder women) having sexual relationships with young girls (respectively young boys) in exchange for money and/or material goods, drinks, gifts, clothes and favourable treatment including favours in many aspects of life such as education, employment and payment of tuition fees, financial support for living costs, and other kinds of support.

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The search was repeated using authors known to have published studies concerned with such relationships, as well as all journals dealing with reproductive health, sexual behaviour, sexuality and economics of sex.

The final selection of studies was based on two criteria: (i) their publication in peer-reviewed journals; and (ii) for unpublished manuscript or working papers, their publication or author's affiliation with a credible institution.

These relationships can be considered broadly as relationships within and across generational configurations (adolescence, youthhood, adulthood, midlife and elderly).

Across countries, societies and cultures in human history, such relationships have been of heterosexual or homosexual nature.

The remainder of the paper is organised into subsections that address (i) issues of meaning, measurement and prevalence of young people's relationships with older people and the practice of `sugar daddy' and `sugar mummy' in particular; (ii) the contexts and associated factors involved in these relationships; (iii) the major consequences of such relationships; and (iv) evidence concerning these relationships and their implications.