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Unfortunately, custom app development costs can easily skyrocket.

Developers are expensive and the process can take many months.

Doors will open at pm; buffet at pm; music at pm. Sweetwater Music Hall is located at 19 Corte Madera Avenue in Mill Valley.

Sun, Sep 15, pm My friend Mariela visited the Candy Museum and it looked like a blast.

Because we know how much you love DIY hacks, along with each idea we’ve provided a link to a website or video with instructions on how to DIY the heck out these hacks. These covers are great because they not only create a covered in-sink storage area, but they also serve as extra counter space. What if, in addition to a storage lid and extra space, the sink covers also doubled as cutting boards? This simple DIY requires nothing more than a simple cutting board and a hack saw to cut it to size.

For more instructions take a look at this article on They provide shelter from the hot summer sun and turn our outside space into a cozy little room. Things like a fun set of flamingo shaped lights, or large colorful paper lanterns.

On the more practical side of things, awnings are handy for hanging mosquito netting, or a lightweight shade cloth.