Error updating component kdbi386 Sex messenger

Even though the rescue disk has an option to update the virus definitions from the internet, it is not very useful as the updates are saved only on that particular computer.If you use it on another computer then you will have to download all the updates [email protected] This cen be dabe in php but noy updated when really necessary - - cen we can contact Victor? @wojsmol yes, we had that warning until we changed the Buffer Stream & Ftp per 18075. We had to change the tmp directory to be owned by the web server to get it to work.

Tracker Application @tonypartridge See #18024 @nealrduncan @Vegh Norbert samuel1201 Whether FTP layer was configured and enabled before update? But then, if you need the FTP layer and it is broken, you will not be able to update anyway since it's broken.

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@wojsmol I build my joomla web site on my personal NAS and i am a visual & web designer so i can not to fix the problem with program grammar like PHP or SSL : ( .

I install the 3.8.1 release in the morning and the problem still exists (So sad....

We use ftp and have the joomla directories owned by the ftp user, but we did have to make the tmp directory owned by the ftp user and the web server group. But I don't even know if that class is used here (when FTP layer is enabled).