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Second, any additional environment variables optionally exported with the request from the originating (and possibly remote) host, are placed in the environment set for the shell that is about to be execed.Third, based on any request shell specifications and the shell strategy policy at the local host, the proper shell (e.g.For files being staged-out, this implies the actual movement of the file from the execution machine, to the eventual destination machine. [1] At one point, it was even decided that NQS could be implemented as an enhanced version of MDQS, borrowing heavily from the original MDQS source code.

Each of the machines in the network runs its own vendor-supplied version of the UNIX operating system, with appropriate kernel and user-space extensions as necessary.

The presence of UNIX on all of these machines has made possible the creation of a common user interface, so that despite the obvious hardware differences, users can freely move among the different machines of the NPSN without being confronted with entirely different software environments.

In order to provide support for the two request types of batch and device, NQS implements two distinctly different queue types, with the respective type names of batch and device.

Only batch queues are allowed to accept and execute batch requests.

As part of this common user interface, NQS has been implemented as a collection of user-space programs providing the required batch and device queueing capabilities for each machine in the network.