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j Query (or whatever library you are using) will then handle the differences in the background, so you don't have to.Things have got much better since then; modern browsers do a good job of supporting "classic Java Script features", and the requirement to use such code has diminished as the requirement to support older browsers has lessened (although bear in mind that they have not gone away altogether).(see Using a task runner to automate testing tools in a later article.) See ESLint integrations for ESLint options; JSHint is supported out of the box by Grunt, and also has other integrations available, e.g. Browser developer tools have many useful features for helping to debug Java Script.

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It is worth mentioning command line uses — you can install these tools as command line utilities (available via the CLI — command line interface) using npm (Node Package Manager — you'll have to install Node JS first).

For example, the following command installs JSHint: You can then point these tools at Java Script files you want to lint, for example: You can also use these tools with a task runner/build tool such as Gulp or Webpack to automatically lint your Java Script during development.

If we look at the source code, the relevant code section is this: var request URL = ''; var request = new XMLHttp Request();'GET', request URL); request.send(); var super Heroes = request.response; populate Header(super Heroes); show Heroes(super Heroes); But this fails.

You may already know what is wrong with this code, but let's explore it some more to show how you could investigate this.

It is not very convenient to have to copy and paste your code over to a web page to check its validity several times.

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