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Ugh." —Sara W."One guy I was set up with thought it'd be a good idea to meet at a park and go for a walk on a Sunday afternoon. We wandered around, with no clear destination in mind.

Rumor has it, Rihanna is trying to set her newly-single BFF Katy Perry up on dates.

Sure, two people can hit it off on a blind date, but sometimes they totally bomb. Just ask these ladies…"I met a cute guy on and we decided to meet for dinner.

I know there are a ton of you who met current SOs/spouses online. But I also want to hear some of the bad stories (since every single person who has done online dating has at least one of them).

So I'd love for everyone to give me one of each! Worst: Met a guy who showed up to a our date completely and totally hairless. He was also so totally creepy (think the kind of creepy that you feel deep in your stomach) that I couldn't get away from him fast enough. He was at the gym doing leg day in the single squat rack in the gym, a personal trainer asked him to move so his client could work in, he refused and stood his ground in the squat rack, after 30 minutes of arguing gym management called the police to arbitrate the situation.

When I mentioned I'm not that great at it, he insisted that we play an improv game—for 30 minutes!