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- Jack lists Jill's good qualities, which include good lips and major chemistry, but his cons are that he's jobless and wears hats.

When did my mother get a job writing for third-tier TV shows?

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This is now an opportunity for our current Jack and Jill Debutantes to become a part of Houston Chapter Debutante Ball history.

Oh, and Mikey dates a bisexual movie star (Rebecca Romijn-Stamos) who must be deaf, dumb and blind, because she puts the moves on Elispa. - Randi Mayem Singer challenges us to a grudge match, including every known New York landmark in the background of this episode.

- Interspecies romance takes a rocky turn with the Ferret gets stuck-up from her movie role and Barto gets hot and heavy with a fellow med student.

Specifically, Audrey gets a role in a mewvie (tm Tumbleweed). Barto and Audrey argue about who is going to compromise...

Cunningham haunts the joint, and Jonathan gives Elispa's living arrangements the stink-eye.