Godly men who pray dating

Any pre-marriage relationship was under the oversight of the father, family, or even the church (synagogue).

Courtship was about enjoying one another’s company, often with family, friends, or in groups, with a goal of determining if it is God’s will for the other person to be one’s future husband or wife. By contrast, today’s form of dating has little or no oversight by families and is more about ‘playing the field’ with multiple partners, with little or no intention or commitment to pursue marriage. Having multiple dating relationships is like having multiple mini-divorces which can shatter hearts, shake confidence, plunge one into depression, and awaken love before it’s time.

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The question should never be, “How far can I go in physical touch and actions before it is too far before marriage?

” The question should be, “How can I honor God and His person in my actions, maintaining utmost purity?

Besides the obvious issue of no physical intimacy until marriage, we have asked our children not to kiss until engagement.

But simply put, do not kiss before getting a ring, and do not take your clothing off until after the wedding.

Well, I know firsthand what that is like since I had multiple unhealthy dating relationships before I met and married my husband.