Gravatar not updating battlelog

Hello Folks, the IP-address and the port where our L4D2 server is at home has changed. became kind of famous around the year 2000 with the release of Deftones Camping-Article and because we have managed to trick a lot of Counter Strike kiddies by making them believe that cs_italy is a haunted map and that their overclocked CPU's will be cooled best with mustard.

Please update your scripts to point to We are well known for repeatedly jumping into death yelling "bungee is for llamas!

(no doubt I just missed it accidentally) Might be a good post to sticky or have in the title description EA is pissing me off with this game.

Even though I have the physical copy of the game, I still have to install Origin plus various other shit and on top of that have to launch ie to launch the game via EA's website. punkbuster issues fix from punkbuster It looks like Pnk Bstr B is failing to start.

I think EA are falling into line with Playstation Networks abuse & report policy. 64/64 on Game Arena and 3FL did not have any such issues. it takes more than 2 lock on-s to kill a tank it misses tanks when they're sitting still takes forever to lockon tanks can just smoke to break your lock-on bloody hell. How bout actually fixing punkbuster and not make people jump through hoops to get the stupid thing working...

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