who is hailey glassman dating - Gretchen housewives still dating slade

He is a successful and well-established businessman as well as a TV entertainer.Slade Smiley was born on October 29, 1973, in Oakland, California while raised in Anchorage, Alaska.

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Fans of Rossi’s can also keep themselves up to date by keeping an eye on the reality stars social media, as she is always launching new products and showing off baby pictures.

Slade Smiley is an American TV personality whose fame rose to prominence with an appearance on the Bravo TVs The Real Housewives of Orange County show.

In 2015, Gretchen took out a $538,000 loan to pay for the home.

In other news, Gretchen recently shared the name of her baby girl, who is due in July.

but she literally pushed that cell aside and went back to four and self-corrected herself.” Gretchen appeared on the RHOC from season four to season eight and was also seen on the series in a cameo role during season 12.