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Vengeful cops and car chases, lunatic villains and martial arts masters, male¬ bonding, gun fights and super secret agents, swords and sorcerers, wartime Nazi-bashing, boys' own adventures, casual destruction and general death- defiance...

this is what we want to see, and if you feel the same way, Action!

is for you, a fan's guide to the wackiest genre of‘em all, with 250 key movies rated and reviewed, star biographies (Death Becomes Them), quotation favourites (Verbal Assaults), a vast amount of trivia (Trivialists) and a quiz (Brainstorms) designed to keep you on your toes.

The scoring system is pretty straightforward, from a pitiful mini gun (for hopelessly boring rubbish) to a fabulous five guns (for all-time action classics), with the best of the worst, the funniest and trashiest ranking somewhere in between.

Henry Silva, meanwhile, is as coolly certifiable as ever, a 2-D TV villain with a vicious streak no wider, in fact, than Nico’s own. Pursued by a couple of chunky legionnaires intent on bringing him to justice, Lyon keeps his head down and his fists flying as he takes on an increasingly challenging range of fighters (all of them trained by Bloodsport’s Frank Dux), from Only the Strong's Paco Christian Prieto to man mountain Atilla (Abdel Qissi), a posturing killer with freaky sideburns and a taste for ripping people in half. Action Jackson USA 1988 95 mins ^3^ ^5^ L ong before Robo Cop patrolled the streets of Detroit, an earlier breed of law enforcer tore off his shirt, pumped up his pecs, oiled down his bod and played the hero game.

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