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Online dating is a different medium with a different set of rules and your dating profile might be the very thing stopping you from meeting your ideal match.

Or worse, you may be unknowingly sending all the wrong signals that are putting off potential matches!

No one’s head should be that big – especially not mine! This is a trick question because of course you are, right?

First up, if you’re on a computer (as opposed to a mobile device), this video probably looks ENORMOUS!

I believe it was Shakespeare who quipped, “A picture is worth a thousand emojis.” Photos are the bread and butter of online dating profiles. Likewise, I’m willing to bet there are a of men’s profiles that talk all about visiting their grandmas once a week, rescuing ducks from oil spills, and counting their large sums of money. The best way to do this is to gently prompt anyone viewing your profile, hinting at or even overtly encouraging how to proceed with a great conversation starter.