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We all have a layer of our aura that acts as a “skin” between the physical body and the outside world.Empaths, intoverts and highly sensitive people often have a layer of “skin,” which means that the surrounding environment and other people’s energies can penetrate it far easier.

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While protective layers can be hugely beneficial, they should not be relied upon entirely to keep us free from outside emotional harm.

It is vital to put strong boundaries in place so that we are less likely to surround ourselves with those whose negative energies can have a destructive impact upon us.

Although there is negative and toxic energy in our environment and surrounding other people, it is up to us whether we allow it to have an influence on our own energy field.

Rather than becoming affected by energies that drain us, we can make a conscious effort to avoid and protect ourselves from them by raising our vibration so that we attract and submerge in energies instead.

Something as simple as going to the restroom regularly to just be alone with silence is often enough.