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Peter (Denmark, 38 years old) and Elina (Russia, 34 years old) It all started a few years ago after I had visited various dating sites on the internet to find great love.

He didn’t believe me for a long time until Maria and I had invited him to have lunch)) He’s a good guy, I know him for a long time. Best regards, Dario Olga (30 years old, Russia) and Mario (34 years old, Italy) Hello, my dear girls!

My level of English was not so good, that is why I had a lot of concerns and worries, but Elena and Marina did not allow me to lose heart. Finally, I found a man, with whom I feel absolutely happy! Thank you again for your work, for your coaching, faith in love and admonish people in that!

I really love Giovanni, I like his human qualities such as decency, attentiveness and he is just a good man !!! I want to express my gratitude for our cooperation. This has been a long 14 months, and many letters to Big Politicians and Human Rights Commission, but, I am Australian, and I would never give up on my Olga :) Our wedding is planned for 14th February 2017, so we will send you some photos !!! I met my fortune and finally understood what it means to be happy.

You can say that I was able to fall in love with him and this my feeling is mutual :)) I get used to a new life in a quiet way ... Wake up and fall asleep in arms of my beloved one... Girls, most importantly, I want to tell you many thanks !!!! For the opportunity to make my life full and saturated! Giovani should to do a lot and learn together, but most importantly we were able to find each other. It was very comfortable and pleasant to work with you (I will recommend Your Agency to their friends). Over 5 years of work of our Agency more than once heard the question: "Are you married? Sometimes the impression that this is the only indicator of the success of the Agency and many were only waiting for the day when I ..the full review Ekaterina (Moscow, 31) and Oleg (Omsk, 36) My dear, amazing, precious fairy girls! I wanted so much to tell you this news first, I am sure you will be sincerely happy for us! My boyfriend is from Omsk, but he is currently living in Moscow.

She is a real Russian princess and I am happy that she will become my wife soon. So, we are in Paris right now and a few hours ago I got the marriage proposal by Mario in the most romantic place – near the Eiffel Tower! You know, I love this city, there is something special in it. He is a real romantic and I saw something like it only in beautiful movies with a happy end. I guess, I still can’t understand that my dream has finally come true and I’ll be a wife soon. Olga and Mario Dario (47 years old, Spain) and Maria (41 years old, Belarus) Dear Elena and Marina, I want to say a big thank to you for your impeccable work! She’s a real Russian princess and I’m very happy that she’ll become my wife soon.