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Most of all the 10 to 15 men I spoke with weren’t what they said they were (i.e., their pictures were outdated by 20 years, not very handsome or even good looking, did not have the education or jobs they claimed to have).” “Jennifer” (who accuses me of attempting vicarious living and says, “Why don’t you try it for yourself? She met the man she married, Ian, online four years ago.

Slater Family, Preston Family, Morse Family, Huff Family, Gothard Family. Huntington Beach News A copy of a page from the Huntington Beach News of June 1914 describing several events and activities that occurred in the city. Oil, Huntington Beach Library, Huntington Beach Playhouse, Newland House, Bicentennial Events, Ed Manning, Slater Family, Preston Family, Morse Family, Henry Huntington, Huntington Beach Pier.

It also contains the names of City Council members, and key city staff members. The Holly Sugar Company This 2-page document from June 17, 1975 describes how sugar beets became an increasingly important crop in Huntington Beach, and how in 1909, the Holly Sugar Company from Colorado decided to build a sugar refinery in Huntington Beach.

And then there were guys like Russ Griswold, who complained that he couldn’t use his e-mail moniker, trojangriz, although it refers, he insists, to his status as a USC alum, not a contraceptive.

Still, he says of online dating, “It’s better than bar-hopping.” You wrote from Orange County, Colorado, Massachusetts and even Taiwan to tell me your tales and they were mostly positive.

“I realized I had truly ‘asked’ for both traits, which led me to perfecting what I wanted and needed and clearly asking for it in my profile.

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