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XYZ is something huge, like "make love", "teach children about some particular thing", "visit a particular member of your family", "have a particular thing in the house", "other special requirement concerning children's education." So you don't have to learn about Christianity, but please make sure you know what requirements this man will have for raising children, being in a relationship, family matters, etc.

There are rules and you need to be aware so you can decide if you can accept them.

Then he said yeah, I probably would be, and that he doesn't think he could be in a relationship with someone not Christian.

Now I don't know the first thing about Christianity - maybe I would convert if we were to date exclusively, I don't know, because the things he's told me are believable, (I guess) but I really don't know what being a Christian entails and i'm not about to change what I currently believe just in order to be with someone. I'm also an atheist, and I can't really see myself dating a Christian.

If it were me, I'd move on and find someone with a more compatible philosophy. Yeah, much easier for him to convert to atheism than the other way around.

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