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The last two Novembers, I’ve made it a tradition to make a few sets of D. In 2012, I discovered how to get my hands on free wallpaper samples from Anthropologie and used those samples along with some Mod Podge to create some fun tile coasters.

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Experts say that you shouldn't even try to build a brick wall over 4 feet high (1.2 meters) on your own unless you are an experienced bricklayer [source: Hessayon].

A short wall, on the other hand, might be a manageable task.

Also, factor in the weight of snow and ice when you’re calculating how much weight your deck will bear. Not digging footings deep enough In places with a freeze-thaw cycle (so, all of cottage country), concrete footings should be placed at least four feet below grade in a builder’s tube.

Don’t be tempted by those convenient pre-formed concrete deck blocks—they won’t hold up to temperature fluctuations, leading to a heaving, sinking deck. Blocking the view with the guardrail If your deck is more than 30 inches off the ground, your railing needs to be at least three feet high.

And so, in effort to keep my balance, the coaster crafting tradition will live on this November! You’ll see I have the coasters divided by material for your convenience…and as you peruse them, don’t forget to click through to pin from the original source!