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So, I finished the Twilight series and I must say I was completely horrified by the last book. And who would have thought vampires could knock up humans. In the first book she was a junior in high school, then all of a sudden she’s married, popping out a demon child, and gets turned into a vampire. And I was also depressed by this weird “love” thing going on.

Tearing away with his teeth, which provided some lovely imagery.

Its horrible how I couldn’t even get a “Hi” out to Pasha or Neil. From the youngest fans like 8-year-old Alec Powers of Beverly, who has only been swimming a couple of years, to the oldest getting ready to go off to college, Lochte’s audience was thrilled that he would be talking to them.

Lochte is from upstate New York and swam for the University of Florida Gators, where he was a seven-time NCAA champion and two-time Swimmer of the Year.

Go find someone you want to go jump off a cliff for.” So melodramatic. Poor things is surrounded by delusional girls who are crying at his feet. It was adorable, and shook with envy when I realized he is like 20 something and she is 15..