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She is in general, a very mean spirited bitter person.

If we're going to attack people for that, we would have to go after every celebrity who "supports" gays. no self-respecting gay believes that it is OK to hold bigoted and hateful views."She always thinks she is intellectual when in realty she is a joke." And yet she probably has a higher IQ than you do.

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I support gay marriage, but to hear any group, right or left, echo the medieval Church's stance that they have a God-given right to tell people what they are allowed to think or say is disturbing and undemocratic. What has she said that would bring out this visceral reaction? So they really cannot add anything new to the debate other than the standard "Because my god said so."Best way to deal with it is to ridicule them.[quote] "Trolldar [R61]. Acclimate yourself.[quote]Sweetie, you're obviously new here. Not to mention your creepy dislike of women in general. For someone who doesn't like Janeane Garofalo you sure do spend an inordinate about of time talking about her.

The fact she isn't A-list isn't a reason to "hate" her unless you're mentally ill, so it has to be something she has stated. Dear, my posts directed ALSO to another poster (refraining calling them "assholes" did not pertain to the esteemed Ms.

She's a very funny woman, ultra-liberal and smart as a whip. Unless you're someone like R24 whose actually been personally touched and offended, who gives a shit in Garafalo is mean and tetchy in her personal life?

This is the problem with Americans in general, and "progressives" in particular. After all, every time you have some issue that affects African-Americans discussed, you don't make sure the panel is loaded with KKK members, do you?

Janeane Garofalo is an American film actress, stand-up comedian, liberal political activist, and writer.