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h turning us back around and moving us forward per _. What we don't speak of until much later are madcap 3 a.m.trips to Denny's while "writing" those papers and the friendship that is borne on those adventures.The improved Benson is becoming the heartbeat behind services that students need and enjoy.

Some time in the near future Broncos might even be getting tasty smoothies from an on-campus Jamba Juice .

Service is now so specialized Benson staffers have ever-so-conveniently identified which televisions are for sports and which are for soaps, safely avoiding any World Series versus "Days" riots.

Swig is the blinking beacon in a foggy night steering lost students back to campus. Freshman Carmen Ander- son said, "In the few weeks I have lived in Unity, I have found the image Unity offers is true; they include and accept the new students." The Alameda is a unique resi dence hall.

Known as the converted Travel Lodge mo- tel, each large-sized room has its own bathroom.

I've become more comfortable with myself as a person." j| f | For Lee, Sideco and thousands of other students, the Santa Clara experience has ingrained in them a sense of encouragement and support which prods personal development along. Taking a break between classes, juniors Joe Goethals and Dave Najour discuss what's going on for the upcoming weekend. Enjoying one of the few days of springtime sun, sophomore John Minor, junior Damian Ewens and senior Troy Jones congregate on the top of their patio.