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His seven-year-old cousin Angela Cato, who was playing nearby, survived but was severely injured.Lifsh said he deliberately steered his car away from adults on the sidewalk, toward the wall, a distance of about 25 yards (23 m), in order to stop the car.

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According to The New York Times, more than 250 neighborhood residents, mostly black teenagers, many of whom were shouting "Jews! Some members of the community were outraged because Lifsh was taken from the scene by a private ambulance service while city emergency workers were still trying to free the children who were pinned under the car.

Some believed that Gavin Cato died because the Hatzolah ambulance crew was unwilling to help non-Jews.

Lifsh later said that the car did not come to a full stop when it hit the building, but slid to the left along the wall and hit the children. After the collision, Lifsh said that the first thing he did was to try to lift the car in order to free the two children beneath it.