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From Mediaite A short while ago, Drudge Report tweeted out this quote: “When my friend told me his wife was Caucasian, I felt my spirit wince.” Intrigued, I clicked the accompanying link to find a column the singer Jill Scott wrote for Essence about her feelings on interracial dating posted in March of 2010.At first, I wondered why on earth Drudge Report was interested in a year old column by a singer. CALIFORNIA COOPER in the Books – Other Books – – – – category on e Bay Australia.

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Not only does the 41-year-old Grammy Award winner have one of the most calming and melodic voices I’ve ever heard, she also drops a lot of knowledge whenever she opens her mouth.

When we caught up with the singer on the press junket for the upcoming movie “Baggage Claim,” we knew exactly what we wanted to ask her about: that 2010 essay on interracial dating in Essence magazine and her advice for single mothers raising black men, in light of both her admission to suffering from postpartum depression after having her son and the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

So I need you to understand the pros and cons of being a rebel. He’ll look at that as a reflection of himself and exactly who you don’t want him to be is who he’ll be because he thinks it’s in his DNA, but it’s bigger than DNA and that’s big.” “I wasn’t talking about interracial dating and that’s where everybody seemed to get it twisted. So it was pretty unfortunate what I ended up being on this platform where I don’t like interracial relationships. In the video below, Jill Scott also admitted to dating a white man before and also laid out what her idea of perfect man is, including someone who is “hungry for her love making often.” Go head Miss Scott!