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Anne of Green Gables actor Jonathan Crombie dies at age 48 Jonathan Crombie, the actor known for his role as Gilbert Blythe in Anne of Green Gables and the son of former Toronto mayor David Crombie, has died. Canadian show where I worked with him and I don't think it's disrespectful to say said great ass is on display here, great shots of it in running shorts throughout episode but especially this chunk of it. Later, while visiting my mom, we rented the movies. Strange how little surprise there was in his sister's statement. Most people could not describe their loved ones in such a way only days after a shocking death. Jonathan's dad David was not only a Conservative MP during the Mulroney years, he was the mayor of Toronto before that and one of the best mayors the city has ever had. Because David Crombie was short of stature, he was called Toronto's "tiny perfect mayor."There's a screen test video floating around of Schuyler Grant auditioning as Anne, with a red wig and everything, and she was simply awful. Strangely she was perfect for Diana, which shows how crucial casting can be to the success of a film.They made me cry, I also used to watch "Avonlea" on the Disney Channel. That Anne of Green Gables production was so perfectly cast, unlike most book adaptations, he was a perfect Gilbert. I remember he was very much against demolishing older buildings and wanted to preserve them as much as possible. Could Jonathan have suffered from an illness that meant his death was not a surprise? I also grew up watching the Anne movies and, like lots of other gay boys and straight girls, Gilbert was my first crush. Megan Follows was the perfect Anne and always will be.

Not only is it a very demanding role to tackle emotionally, but she's also burdened with the task of bringing an iconic character to life and making it her own. I also thought Sullivan did an amazing job adapting the first book. It wasn't as faithful, but it still drew from original source material, and as a film, I thought it was a complete story and retained the tone and spirit of Anne. By the way, since Anne was about 34 when she gave birth to Rilla (who was 6 when Anne turned 40), and since Rilla was born in 1899 (since she turned 15 when WWI started in 1914), that would mean Anne was born in 1865, and the first book, though published around 1900, would have taken place starting in 1876. He undermined the artistic integrity of those films by tacking on such poorly conceived and executed followups.[quote]Interestingly, Anne and Gilbert end up having a son who is probably gay named Walter. In the books, which extended through the WWI era, it was Anne & Gilbert's sons who went to war.

The first movie is a pretty faithful adaptation..the main plot points and scenes from the book are there (if rearranged a bit for narrative flow purposes and dramatic effect). So much more powerful and poignant (cinematically speaking) for him to die in Anne's arms in the film, than to keel over of a heart attack after reading an article in the newspaper. But there will always be purists who disagree, but then again, I doubt any actor or director could live up to those kinds of expectations. Kevin Sullivan didn't have the rights to the later books. Jem was wounded and came home, Walter was killed and I think Shirley learned to fly an airplane.

In response, he filed a defamation lawsuit, a legal action that was eventually dismissed in 2004.

The television rights quietly reverted to the family four years ago.

But Kate Macdonald Butler, Montgomery’s granddaughter and president of the family-owned Heirs of L. Montgomery Inc and the family never saw a percentage of the profit.